First Blog

Hello fellow bloggers

Just writing up my first blog for managing e learning. I am still trying to get my head around the new technology I think for all of us it is very overwellming but I do see some similarities from this and myspace. After this lecture I feel more confident in building up my blog and e-portfolio on mahara. I still am unsure if I would use this technology after I graduate and begin teaching I could see some benifits of using blogs and mahara to share ideas with other teachers within a learning community but I would find it every time consuming to use it on a regular basis. This is my opinion at this very moment. I am sure at the end of the course my opinions would change. What do you think?


Kiara said...

I agree kristine all of the new knowledge we are learning feels like we are being thrown in the deep end. In the end however I think I will use this source in the classroom alot.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kristine, I agree that using all the tools available to us on a regular basis would become very time consuming. That is why I think it comes back to us as educators to take the time to ensure we use the appropriate tools to engage our learners in meaningful learning experiences.

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