Embedding Indigenous Persepectives

Hey Guys

As we already know our learners come form many different backgrounds and have differerent values and beliefs. Our indigenous learners have different perspectives to the dominant european culture in Australia as they have a strong connection to the land and its natural habitats. Many indigenous learners come from rual communities and therefore dont find some learning experiences in our european dominant education system meanigful and real life.

After reading Ernie Grants 'my land, my tracks'; it gave a good framwork for creating effective learning experiences based on the three elements outlined in the reading:

  • Land
  • Language
  • Culture

These elements can be contexutalised in terms of time, place and relationships. Grant also goes on to say that we can look at each of these elements in terms of

  • Pre contact (impact from european settlers)
  • Contact
  • Post Contact
  • Contemporary issues

It is important that we reconginse our indigenous learners and their way of life so we can plan meaningful learning experiences to enhance their learning abilities.


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