Multiple Intelligence

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The notion of intelligence is based on IQ testing which can be far to limited to mesure human intelligence. Dr Howard Garner believed their was a broader range of human abilties and divided intelligences into eight categories

  • Bodily Kineasethic (Body smart): Enjoy sports and performs well at swimming, athletics and gymnastics

  • Visual/Spatual (Picture smart): Performs well in the arts and is good at activities which requires looking at pictures, map reading, graphs and puzzles.

  • Verbal Linguistic (Word smart): Enjoys reading, writing and communication with others.

  • Interpersonsal (People smart): Enjoys interacting with other people; belongs to a team or club; good at sharing.

  • Intrapersonal (Myself smart): Knows their personalities, values and beliefs and strengths and weaknessess.

  • Logical/Mathematical (Number smart): Performs well at mathematics and other number activities and is a good problem solver.

  • Musical (Music smart): Enjoys music and recognises different sounds and instruments.

  • Naturalist (Nature smart): Enjoys learning about plants and animals.

People's abilties in these categories vary from person to person; some people perform better at some skills than others. For example a person may find it difficult to play a musical instrument however find it easy to play a game of football (BGfL, 2002).

Here are my results from the multiple intelligence questionaire (from highest to lowest ranking)

  1. Interpersonal

  2. Naturalist, Logical & Intrapersonal

  3. Visual/spatual

  4. Kinaesthetic & Linguistic

  5. Musical
I also watched the youtube clip of Sir Ken Robinson (for the millionth time); I have been inspired this clip since I first watched it in my first year of uni. I totally agree with everything Robinson says about creativity.

" Kids will take a chance and if they dont know they will have a go..they are not afraid to be wrong..If you are not prepared to be wrong you will never come up with anything time they are adults they (kids) have lost that capacity (of being creative)..frightened of being wrong..we stigmatise mistakes..the result is we are educating people out of their creative capacties"
- Sir Ken Robinson-

Sir Ken also goes on about academic inflation and intelligence. He explains that we know three things about intelligence
  • Diverse - We think visually, auditory, kinaesthetically, abstract and movement.
  • Dynamic -Intelligence is interactive
  • Distinct - Intelligence is different from person to person (the girl in Sir Kens story at 15: 17 needed to move to think; she was a dancer)

Even through my experiences at Birralee Kindergarten earlier this year I have learnt that creativity is important as it allows children to think of unique ideas; children value being creative they are more engaged in activities which allow them to use their orginal ideas; they feel good showing off something that they have created themselves rather than set tasks. Also, the classroom looks much better with 20 or so different projects hanging on the walls than 20 projects that are the same.


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