Web 2.0 Technologies

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Since beginning this course I would have to say I had a pretty good knowledge of different technologies available however didnt really understand their full potential to create authentic learning experiences for learners. I am on social websites such as facebook and myspace on the daily baisis; use the interent to get the daily news and to research for uni assignments and teaching resources.

Web 2.0 technologies allow anyone to interact via the web. There are many resources on the internet where learners are able to contibute their knowledge and ideas and recieve feedback from others users. Resources include blogs, wikis, youtube/teachertube and flickr.

Wikis are websites that can be viewed by anyone who has access to the internet. Users can easily add, remove, edit and change content on the wiki site. Wiki are easier for a group of web users to organise information on the same subject area without having to send emails to and from each person whcih is not good for co-ordinating and organsing a group's imput. Using a wiki is simple; there are only three controls you need to know

  • Edit: Users click on this and a edit toolbar will appear allowing the user to make changes to the site.

  • Save: Users click on this after making adjustments to the site; the information then becomes a webpage for everyone to see.

  • Link: Allows users to create a new page

The largest wiki is Wikipedia; the world largest online encycolpedia. Wikis could be used in a learning context by having learners create a wiki; they can add their knowledge and understandings which can be recognised by other online users; this would be a much more authentic and meaningful approach to learning experience than creating a poster just to hang in the classroom for only the teacher, parents and peers to see where as on the wiki; learners' contributions are easily available to anyone with web access.

Create your own wiki! www.wikispaces.com or www.wetpaint.com

Blogs is short for web log which are publicly accessible online journals. Users are able write entries on their personal blog about their feelings, values and beliefs like a diary, then read other blogs and comment on them. Blogs can become a discusion through comments so news/information is interactive.Blogs are a great way to contribute information and gain information and motivation from other blog users. Blogs can be used as a creative writing space for learners.

Create your own blog!! www.blogger.com

Youtube/teacher tube
Youtube/teacher tube allows teachers and learners to create their own videos and upload onto the website for other web users to view and comment. You tube makes it easy for teachers and learners to search for educational videos; unfortantly they are blocked in public schools and education departments.

Visit youtube!! www.youtube.com

Flickr allows users to upload pictures to share with public or select few friends. Users can organise photos according to different themes and topics. Users can add tags which makes it easier to search for images. Flickr also provides print options for users.

Visit Flickr www.flickr.com


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