Internet Safety

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When surfing the internet everyone; especially children have the right to safe, high performace internet browsing.

Child Safety
Parents and educators have a responsibility to protect children from exposure to harmful material on the world wide web; materials such as:

  • Pornographic images
  • Offensive materials
  • Hateful materials
  • Voilent materials
  • Material that encourages illegal or dangerous activities

NetAlert is an ongoing commitment to provide safe online environment for families and children. Cybersmart offers advice, resources and activities for young children, children, teenagers to enjoy safe internet browsing; and training for schools and librabry staff.

Net alert website (which also has access to the Cybersmart website):

Stranger Danger
Stranger danger on the internet is when there is contact with someone online who is claiming to be someone they are not. People on social websites such as myspace, facebook, twitter and chatrooms take the risk of comming into contact with stranger danger. So that is why when using the internet, use a nickname, never give out on full name and address and passwords should be a mixture of letters and numbers (more secure) and to be never given out (people can use your account).

Cyberbullying is when bullying such as teasing, spreading rumours and recieving unwanted messages happens through technologies such as SMS messaging, discussion groups, chatrooms, instant messaging and email. Ways to prevent this is to block or delete any unfriendly users and ignoring unwanted messages.

Privacy on the internet refers to protecting personal documents or images that have been uploaded onto the internet. For example when on social networking websites such as facebook there are options to change privacy status to select who can see your details.

Walled garden approach refers to a closed set of information services provided for users. Schools have restricted access on the world wide web; can only access government approved websites this is to promote child safety by preventing stranger danger and cyberbulling over the internet.


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