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Hello All

I am posting my results from the learning style quiz, very accurate too, my results are so me! so here goes

Active Vs Reflective

Result: 5 towards Active

Very true as I am the type of learner that enjoys getting in and doing the activties and duscussion ideas with other peers rather thinking to myself. I dont like listening to lecturers all the time, I need a range of experiences and resources to stimulate my learning. I usually prefer group work rather than individual work as listening other ideas and perspectives tends to shape my own thoughts and generate new ideas. However there can be times when I like to work by myself without any assistance. This is becuase sometimes I come up with lots of ideas that I want to take credit for.

Sensing Vs Intuitive

Result: 5 towards Sensing

I enjoy learning about facts and figures rather than abstracting, compairing and contrasting this is the main reason I enjoyed maths, science and SOSE when I went to school because there was usually just one right answer (this made it easier to study for exams!) This didnt mean I hated english there were activties such as play writing and presenting I did enjoy however I liked maths and science better because it was easier to understand and I enjoyed the occasional maths and science quizes and I had higher grades for those subjects.

Visual Vs Verbal

Result: 1 towards Visual

I learn much better when visuals assist what the lecturer is saying. Colourful visuals and demonstrations help me understand what the lecturer wants from me.

Sequential Vs Global

Result: 3 towards Global

I can go through assignments (which usually go for 6 weeks) and not fully understand the concept then at the last minute (sometimes AFTER the assignment has been handed in) I will get it.

As future learning managers we need to undertsand that our students will have different results if they were to take these quizes, even within our campus group we would have all recieve different results. So we need to cater for ALL these learners for them to acheive their learning goals.

Just to prove my point What were your results? Im sure they would have been different to mine.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kristine, are you aware that your comment box does not allow people to see what they are writing. So i have no idea if im making any mistakes. Maybe a problem you should fix?

Kristine said...

Thank you Carl I will try and fix it ASAP

Chloe's Learning Journey said...

Hi Kristine,

I was really confused by the learning styles quiz because my results showed that I did not have a preference for any learning type. All of my results were the same for each learning style. I have come to the conclusion that perhaps learners can not be categorised as one 'learning style'. Perhaps their learning styles change according to the context and type of learning experience. I try to incorporate all learning styles into learning experiences.

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