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As we all know by now all students are individuals; they all have individual personalities, interests, cultural backgrounds and values and beliefs. As learning managers we have a responsiblity to not just teach them to reach learning outcomes but to get to know each of them as young people. By getting to know your students personalities and interests learning managers can design learning experiences that will be sure to engage students as it can be related to topics they know and like. For example if students like AFL football (which I do!!) I could make base this on a learning experience on the 6x tables (as a goal in AFL is worth 6pts), and addition. the scoreboard in AFL will usually read Goals: Behinds: Total: for each team so you could also do simple algrebra Goals: 15 Behinds: _ Total: 104 how many behinds? (14 is the answer; 15 x 6 is 90; 104 - 90 is 14 therefore this team kicked 14 behinds in the game.) and so on.

Here are some strategies for getting to know your students' personalities. Enjoy!

Class Book
Students; with their families make a page each about their names, age, family members, hobbies etc and bring it to class (teacher should also make a page). Teacher collects all pages and places them into a folder which can be displayed in the classroom for students to read. Students should take turns to take book home to read with their families.

Resources: 1 ball

  1. Students and teacher sit in a circle. The teacher starts by choosing a topic (can be food, animals, sport, subject etc) then saying "my name is (insert name) any my favourite food is (insert favourite food)
  2. Teacher then rolls the ball to another student and they state their name and favourite food before rolling to another student who has not had a turn
  3. Continue to roll the ball around the circle so everyone has a turn
  4. The last student gets to choose another subject

I also took the personality quiz on the website and here are my results:

My type is: ESFJ

  • Slightly expressed extrovert (11%)
  • Slightly sensing personality (12%)
  • Moderately expressed feeling personality (50%)
  • Moderately judging personality (33%)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kristine, the activities you suggest to get to know your students are great. The 'Favourites' Game will be one that I will be using on my prac next year for sure. Like you, I also feel it is very important for the teacher to know the personalities of their students.

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