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Since reading the Managing E Learning website and Kearsley and Shneiderman's Learning Engagement Theory I have to agree at the arguments made about students engagement in activities and behaviour. When behaviour is not a problem in the classroom it is because the teacher is using a range of different teaching strategies and resources to engage her/his students to reach the learning outcomes instead of using what we would call stereotypical 'traditional' methods of the teacher standing at the front of the classroom writing notes on the blackboard/whiteboard while the students are sitting at their desks coping this information into their work books without actully really understanding the concept of this information. Lets face it these days are over, our students no longer can learn by these teaching methods as they find this boring and dont see how they would use this information when they leave school. We also live in a world where new technologies are being created as we speak; toadys students are using the internet (myspace, facbook, twitter), computer and video games and mobile phones to gain information and we as teachers are supposed to prepare our students for a world where even more advanced technologies and occupations will be created. Just by watching the 'Shift Happens' clip on Chloes Blog was very moving - the top 10 in demand jobs in 2010 (next year!) did not even exist in 2004 (that was when I was in year 10) my teachers were teaching for occupations that have only just been created I found that very amazing and now worry how I am supposed to teach my students for these jobs I wount know?

Now comming back to the engagement theory; engaged students are communicating, planning, using social skills (Relate), problem-solving, decision making, creating and evaluating (create) for an outside customer such as a campus group, school, organisation or charity (donate); skills that the workplace demand proficience in. More importantly students have more control over their learning and have fun when taking part in these projects. During my studies I remember having fun taking part in group projects where we were free to brainstorm how we could present our ideas, have a long time limit to create the resources needed to present it to our peers and lecturers. I talking about projects such as 'The Techo Child" exhibition in my first year of uni, the presentation of contempory issues around gender (the deal or no deal game and powerpoint) in my second year and the most recent presentation of Visual Literacy where we gathered information and resources to display to fellow peers and lecturers. Im sure you all remember them!! I would feel confident doing these projects as I could listen to different ideas and perspectives which would stimulate my thinking, have support the whole time doing the project, being able to get to know my fellow group members and develop social skills and most importantly I had fun!!


Chloe's Learning Journey said...

Hi Kristine,

Glad you found the video interesting, it certainly had some scary facts! I agree that technology can facilitate active learning and help create innovative and highly effective learning experiences. However, I think that the teacher needs to carefully facilitate these activities so that they are purposeful. I guess that the question here is: Does technology make us better teachers or is it the way in which we implement this technology?

Just some thoughts, sorry for waffling on!

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